vendredi 6 février 2009

Wendy Moten "Time For Change" (1995)

1 - You Love Is All I Know
2 - Forever Yours
3 - Change Of Heart
4 - Hear The Angels Cry
5 - Comin' Back
6 - Time For Change
7 - Consider This Love
8 - This Will Never End
9 - When You Love Someone
10 - Sharin' My Love
11 - All That My Heart Can Hold

Producers : Carol Bayer Sager, Ben Brosse, Cliff Downs, David Foster, Humberto Gatica, Randy Goodrum, James Ingram, Nigel Lowis, Michael J. Powell, Dan Shea, Dick Williams & Aaron Zigman
Guitars : Cliff Downs, Dann Huff, Donnie Lyle, Michael J. Powell, Michael Thompson
Bass : Benjamin Pruitt, Jackie Street
Keyboards : Paul D. Allen, Curtis Boone, Vernon D. Fails, David Foster, Eddie Howard, Jerome Howard, Michael J. Powell, Cheryl Rodgers, Dan Shea, Aaron Zigman
Drums : Vinnie Colaiuta, Arthur Marbury
Percussion : Michael Fisher
Saxophone : Mark Douthit, Kirk Whalum
Horns : Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Katie Kirkpatrick
Background vocals : Michael Black, Daryl Gardine, Vicki Hampton, Deron Irons, Keith John, Gerald Kinohelow, Esther Ridge, Gloria Ridgeway & Gracie Ridgeway

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